ONTAP and MongoDB Working Together – Episode 1

Hi All,

Logwriter here! How are you?

Let me start this post with a question:

How many times have you attended to a meeting where someone has demonstrated a product or solution that solves all issues in the world, but not yours?

I’ve attended to some of those meetings and I didn’t enjoy any second of meetings like that and I know how boring they can be.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to blog about real user issues. In case of MongoDB, I will get my user stories from the mongodb community. My sources will be: mongodb user group and mongodb advocacy hub.

Quick introduction about NetApp ONTAP for those that haven’t heard about it. ONTAP is the operating system that runs on NetApp All Flash FAS Series and FAS Series storage systems. You can find more information about here.

That said, let’s go for our first real user issue. Just to make it friendly, let’s use a JSON notation to describe it here:

subject”    : “Mongo dump and restore shows drastically different db.stats()”,
question” : “I run a mongodump of our database every night.When I did a restore to a totally separate replica set the sizes are drastically different. I’m gathering that this is probably normal, but looking for a little more confirmation from the community.”,
source”     : “https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mongodb-user/8MF4Tku8wnI”

According to this user, his production database has 96 collections. He got a mongodump from the production database and ran a mongorestore in a different server. It turned out that after mongorestore was done, he ended up with only 95 collections restored.

There isn’t any log file from the server where the mongorestore was done, but regardless of the reason of why mongorestore didn’t bring all collections in the restore operation, if this environment was running on a NetApp AFF/FAS System your backups would be done using ONTAP Snapshots and a restore on a different server would be done using a FlexClone.

I’ve blogged before about NetApp Snap Creator Framework and backing up a MongoDB database, check it out here.

If you want to know how would be the restore process and how long it takes to restore a 1 TiB  database, I also have blogged about it check it out here.

By the way, NetApp will be presenting a session at MongoDB Europe16. Paul Mu, Technical Director at NetApp and Mohinder Toor, Business Development Executive EMEA, will be talking about Deploying MongoDB on NetApp Storage. Check the schedule here and attend to their session to learn how NetApp can help you to improve your MongoDB infrastructure.

Please, let me know if you have any questions and see you next post!

Thanks for reading it!



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