MongoDB Data Protection on NetApp All Flash FAS

Hi All,

Logwriter here! How are you?

I just want to make a quick post to share 3 videos about MongoDB Data Protection on NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF).

I hope you can get an idea how quicker and easier your backup/restore process can be if you have your MongoDB database on NetApp.

Demonstrating how fast, easy and non-disruptive is the process of backup a MongoDB database using NetApp snapshots

Demonstrating how to restore a ~700GB MongoDB database in seconds with SnapRestore and at the end applying the database operation log to bring the database to the most up-to-date position before the disaster.

Customer is running MongoDB 3.2.11 on the production environment. He would like to test MongoDB 3.4.2 without upgrade the production system. Using flexclone to create a dev/test environment where customer will have the chance to test MongoDB 3.4.2

Thanks for reading and see you next post!



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